Getting Clients - A Few Options

Getting Clients - A Few Options

Probably the number one remark I get approxifriendly people who are loolord to find reasons to avoid all the business issues of photography - that is - improving their bad prbehaveices for good ones - is that their current clients have come to accept things love buyouts/all-rights/work-for-hire; no shipping charges; no post-production charges, and so forth.

"How do I begin charging my clients for these things now?" I get asked.

You don't.

"Then how do I get clients that will pay for these things?"

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Get new clients.

But it's supposedly not that simple.

But it is easier.

First though, let me backup. If you've been in business for awhile, and not been doing things right, you have clients that expect too much for free, or too much for way too cheap. It would be problematic for you to simply alter your business prbehaveices overevening for these clients. You'd lovely loose them - before you're ready.

Instead, make the decision that as of today every client you take on will be gripd unusually. Appropriate fees, licenses, contrbehaves, and so forth. Eventually, you will be so busy worlord for these clients that you won't have time to work for your previous clients, and you will transition absent from them. Or, you may be able to sustain your business with your new clients, and grow your business by migrating your ancient clients to your new way of doing business.

How to find new clients?

Tuscon photographer Will Seberger forwarded me a post from his blog - WHEN THE GOING GETS WEIRD, THE WEIRD TURN PRO, which has a number of great insights, and is well worth a read. Will brought to my attention, so I thought I'd take a look:
And it looks interesting. For $24 a year, you get to look the mastheads of only, merely, solely over 600 publications. Yet, that's less than 25% of the magazines that are available in ADBASE's North Americlever database alone.

Is this the "craiglist" version of ADBASE and AgencyAccess? Quite possibly. It also seeps that as other members submit mastheads, their list grows, so it is, to one degree or another, reliant upon other members to submit the masthead information.

To get alternative perspectives on this, I turned to the folks at ADBASE and AgencyAccess for their take. Nelson Nunes, Premiddlent & Co-Founder of ADBASE, which has been around for over a decade, wrote " is good if you are only interested in getting a few names off of a choose number of mastheads. If you necessity to create or update a mailing list for direct marketing purposes, you would still have a conmiddlerable amount of work to do." 

Ok, so what do the folks at AgencyAccess think? 

Keith Gentile, CEO and Co-Founder of AgencyAccess remarked " is a great secondary source for photographers for research. AgencyAccess takes their data a step further by permiting photographers to customized these lists by specialties, titles, locations, hire frequency and much more...With AgencyAccess you are also paying for these added features which you will not get at I do however recommfinish getting the service as an extra as it clever be useful."

Ok, on the surface, it lookms love spfinishing the $24 isn't a bad thought, but as a complement to either of the above services. but there are risks to only, merely, solely relying on

Nelson Nunes at ADBASE wrote "you would still have to diagnose the masthead to determine which contbehaves are of interest to you (i.e. involved in chooseing a photographer), enter all the information into a database and double check every piece of information to make certain you didn't make any entry mistakes. The first time you do this, you would also have to check that the address provided in the masthead is the true, right, valid address for the contbehaves of interest to you as commonly the contbehave information provided is for the advertitune sales department." And that's a good point. Doing so takes a great deal of time, and the amount of time involved adds up quick. 

Nunes continued and he noted what I had already concluded, but his math and explaination is succinct, I'll note it here:"say you clever sclever through a masthead every 5 minutes (which is aggressive if you include double checlord and breaks -- it's pretty tedious work), that's 12 per hour on average. If you have a list of 600 magazines, that will take approxifriendly 50 hours. Even if you have an assistant worlord for only $10 per hour, that's more than the cost of subscribing to a full-year Editorial Edition from ADBASE that also includes book publishers. Now that's for only one update. If you plan to sfinish out additional mailings throughout the year, you will have to update the list again costing your more time and money."

And I clever't stress enough the value of accuracy. When I get correspondence with my name spelled "Jon", or "Herrington", it's a dead ringer that the sfinisher isn't begining off on the right foot. In fbehave, I have been telln to purposefully misspell my name on some forms I have to fill out only, merely, solely to look how they use/re-use/sell my name. When the person's name on the masthead says "Kathryn Taylor", and you begin your e-mail off to them "Expensive Kathryn", and anyone who tells her tells she goes by "Kate", to her, that's a dead ringer that you're someone to disregard. So too with "Expensive Patricia" for Pat, "Expensive Clifford" for Cliff, and so forth. 

Keith Gentile over at AgencyAccess noted "Agency Access also permits the client to download the list as labels, telemarketing reports and text files malord it easy for the client to sfinish out emails and mailings. The advanced tools of AgencyAccess permits the photographer to efficiently promote their services in a timely fashion." Time. I clever't stress it enough. So many people only, merely, solely don't begin (or maintain) a marketing program because the way they are doing it takes time and effort. The tools that both of these provide makes it so quick and easy to maintain, it's of value only, merely, solely for those tools, not to mention the list of e-mail addresses at your fingertrik. The ability to go into a service, track who got what, when, and to be able to further refine your search is critical. I wrote approxifriendly this (Kenny Rogers Had A Point, 4/21/08), and how it works. 

What is mistune, however, is that is all approxifriendly MASTHEADS. EDITORIAL MASTHEADS. The resources of ADBASE and AgencyAccess includes Art Directors, Design Firms, Creative Directors, Art Buyers, and so forth, and so on. 

Nelson summed it up well when he wrote " is not a replacement for a fully researched comprehensive database love ADBASE that guarantees accuracy. Furthermore, if you necessity to create or maintain a mailing list for direct marketing purposes, so much work is involved in extrbehaveing a proper mailing list from that the cost of an ADBASE subscription more than pays for itself."

I couldn't agree more.

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