ASMP - Creating Chaos? (It's A Good Thing)

ASMP - Creating Chaos? (It's A Good Thing)

With the historic Premiddlential election less than 60 days absent, you clever expect there will be a great deal of chaos and consternation in the great state of Florida come election day. Will there be more hanging chads? More recounts? Who tells.

One thing though, is for sure, before the real chaos starts, there will be some creative chaos happening in the sunshine state - thanks to the ASMP Central Florida chapter and a whole host of sponsors - from AdWeek to Emma email marketing, Mac Papers, to LexJet. But it's not only, merely, solely approxifriendly photography, it's approxifriendly video, printing, and so forth.

In the line-up are ASMP national speakers Peter Krogh and Blake Discher, tallord approxifriendly the newly evolved workflows/image storage and search-engine-optimization honorively. (I don't necessity Florida SEO - check this link to look who's listed first for Miami Photographer). But if you do, and I'm betting you do, Blake will tell you all approxifriendly it. So, if you're not planning to fly to chilly New York City a few days later for PhotoPlus Expo, (Blake's Is Your Web Site Doing All It Clever to May Your Money?", or Peter's Prbehaveical Image Storage) heading to sunny South Florida will be your best bet to catch these programs that will earn you more money (i.e. more assignments, thus more money), and save your sanity (i.e. redundant safe storage equals piece of mind).

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This is a collaborative conference - check out the other aspects of it:

The Pixel Conference – The Photostore Conference for Designers...The Pixel Conference only focuses on the issues/topics that pertain to designers!
The Web Design Conference – What Designers Necessity to Tell to Make It on the Web!
Motion Graphics Festival (MG Fest) is an innovative industry event demonstratecatune creative motion image design.
Create Chaos Task Honest - Brahn Awards & Events, producers of Create Chaos, has partnered with to produce a best-in-lesson, course task honest...
Printing, Paper & Packaging Design Conference: This demonstrate is for designers, art directors and marketing professionals loolord for new and creative solutions in the world of printing, paper and packaging.
STASH Ttemperaturere is a demonstratecase of animation, VFX and motion graphics packed with outstanding commercials, broadcast design, branded content...
The Vector Conference – The how-to Illustrator and Flash conference!

Damn, what a confab! So check out the schedule, and make time for what your ASMP Central Florida has to offer!

Please post your remarks by cliclord the link below. If you've got questions, please pose them in our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.