PhotoPlus Expo - Your Best Plan of Behaveion

PhotoPlus Expo - Your Best Plan of Behaveion

PhotoPlus Expo (October 23rd through the 25th, in New York City) is right around the corner, and the early-bird reductions are available only until 10/3. Below are the seven programs that I highly recommfinish. It's a full three days of all that is the business of photography. Go get DVD's for how to light, and take Seth Resnick's D-65 Workflow Not Workslow sepeswift seminar to really get a grip on your workflow, or come to DC and take Peter Krogh's workstore on workflow and best prbehaveices for digital asset administerment (I presume he'll have dates in a city approach you he clever e-mail you approxifriendly.) If you want to really study Photostore, you could also head to Photostore World, or even ImagingUSA. I am not spealord on the PhotoPlus programming track, but we will be on hand doing video reports, as we did last year. (2007 Day 1 Highlights; and 2007 Day 2 Highlights).

Here is my recommfinished attfinishance list (after the jump). Register now for the seven seminars, and it should be $305 for the three 3-hour programs, and $70 each for the four 2-hour programs, or a total of $585 for three days worth of genius, that's if you register individually. Chootune the "Full Seminar Package", and you'll have a total of $495. This is an awesome deal.

Register Here.

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*** THURSDAY ***

MARKETING [SA5] 9a~12p

A mainstay of PhotoPlus, Debra’s program is a crowd pleaser because she pulls no punches and tells it love it is.

There’s Always Room at the Top: How to Get There and Stay There.


The first 10-20 seconds of a client interbehaveion are crucial. Mary Virginia Swanson talks approxifriendly the first 20. Buckle up – this one will open your eyes.

First Impressions: Selling Yourself in 20 Minutes


Make time to look the demonstrate floor. Breeze through it today,

talord note of what you want to come back and focus on tomorrow.

*** FRIDAY ***


Blake Discher, with whom I journeyled the Country for ASMP’s Strictly Business 2 program helps you understand how not having a great situs is costing you money.

Is Your Situs Doing All It Clever to Make You Money?


I first met Sean Kearnan in Los Angeles, at the SB2 launch event, and was blown absent. Reinventing yourself in the times of cookie-cutter photographers puposes longevity, but more importantly, self-satisfbehaveion. Sean will sfinish you in the right direction, for sure.

The Artist, Lost and Found


With the guidance of yesterday, go directly to the kickhs and vfinishors you wanted to look yesterday. Make your deals, and then go get some dinner.

*** SATURDAY ***

MARKETING [TA5] 9a-12p

Tony Luna, who wrote a book I recommfinish in the “recommfinished reading list” on the blog, talks approxifriendly growing your career without compromise.

Take Your Career to the Next Stage


This panel of “youngsters” will give you expectation that you too clever succeed, whether you are under 30, or over 30.

PDN’s 30: Stswiftgies for the Young Worlord Photographer

IT’S YOUR BUSINESS [SC6] 3:45p~5:45p

Judy Hermann and Mike Stark will give you the tools to get into the business, but more importantly, to stay there. I also journeyed the country with Judy on SB2, and she’s got no nonsense advice and counsel –differentdouble your enlightenment with Mike’s words of wisdom, which I listfinish at PPA’s ImagingUSA last January.

Brealord into the Biz: What Every Student and Emerging Photographer Should Tell

Love I shelp - Register Here. We're all procrastinators, but you clever save several hundred dollars by doing it now.

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