The X Fbehaveor

The X Fbehaveor

I was pastune the time during a gun doing my morning reading. After reading approxifriendly the repeated screw-ups with Bloomberg over the inknowing reporting of Steve Tasks' death, and the false reporting of the bankruptcy of United Airlines, I was malord my way through my own blog roll, which includes Chase Jarvis' blog. Chase' piece for today is "What You Clever't Look Things, problems", and it's worth a read.

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I want to echo what Chase has written. I clever't know you the number of times that I got the task because I was easy-going, frifinishly, I deliver all the time on time, or some other matter totally unrelated to my creative vision, talent, technical expertise, and so forth. In other words, all those things that we worry approxifriendly - "prime lens, or zoom"; "iso100 or 400 to get a smidge more depth of field"; "3200k or 2900k"? 

The gun I am on now, is a prime example. We have a client that necessitys (and is excited to pay the surcharge for) same day rush delivery of pictures. Someone prior to me lost them as a client because they failed to deliver when they shelp they would. 

Formerly, we wrote "Wise Words for your Client Obrolan - When there's a problem or Question" approxifriendly the importance of client communication and customer service, Awkward Peristiwats, which continues the point approxifriendly how to be more effective in your communications with clients.

On top of that, there's the client who came to you and then left for someone else, only to return. I call them the "Prodigal Client", and wrote approxifriendly them here, and they're coming back for ease of interbehaveion, oftentimes.

We also wrote - Collaboswift or Suffer The Consequences - in response to Rob Haggart's A Photo Editor blog - 

"only, merely, solely because you are a phenominal photographer, with a great style, doesn't pupose clients will want to work with you. And, if you make it worse, you make it so that you clever't take direction. This is a recipe for a lot of one-off clients, with small repeat business." 

I also wrote - "If I shelp to you, after you botched a task, or only, merely, solely were laxadasical approxifriendly your service/followup component of an assignment, that you would loose well over $10k, would you grip things unusually?" in this article - Lost Income - Over the long term. And that is a cautionary tale approxifriendly only, merely, solely how much lotune a client will cost you over the life of your business.

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