APA Executive Director Steps Down - Reassociate, put trhough (phone)ing With Creative Middle

APA Executive Director Steps Down - Reassociate, put trhough (phone)ing With Creative Middle

In an e-mail announcement to the membership this morning, APA Executive Director Constance Evans (LinkedIn: Profile) announced she is stepping down as the Executive Director of the Advertitune Photographers of America " to devote full-time to my work as a professional artist - in short, to fulfill a life-long dexplore."

Evans, who's career spans over 30 years in the field, came on board at a time when the APA was facing challenges, and worked difficult to chart a course and bolster relationships with associations whom could sponsor APA, and aid sustain it.

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I have telln Constance for several years, and have spoken at her request at several APA-sponsored programs - Pro Sessions: The Business of Photography (NYC), and Pro Sessions: The Business of Photography (Chicago), as well as in March - Best Business Prbehaveices for Photographers - at WPPI's annual demonstrate in Las Vegas.

Constance has devoted much of her time during her tenure to fighting for photographers - specifically on copyright issues and battling the Orphan Works issue. I spfinish a great deal of my time here in DC on Capitol Hill, and more than once I'd pass her going through x-ray machines, wallord alongmiddle congressional office buildings, and also in the Capitol itself. I tell that Constance was fighting for you, and doing so tirelessly. Profitately, the photographic community will benefit from her tellledgebase, as she notes in her departure announcement "...we're not done yet. To be certain, l will continue worlord with the individuals and associations that are allied with APA's position on the Orphan Works front."

I wish Constance well in her future finisheavors as an artist, or wherever she may find herself.

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