You And Your Online Reputation

You And Your Online Reputation

One thing that will lovely live forever, somewhere on Google's servers, or on the Wayback Machine, is what you write. More importantly, though, is what other people might write approxifriendly you.

Here's a case in point - photographer Steven E. Frischling, who writes the popular blog "Flying With Fish", markets himself as a corposwift and editorial photographer as "FishPhotoWorldwide", and for his wedding business, as "FishPhoto". He's smart - very smart - to sepeswift out those two business lines. Crazy as it sounds, corposwift/commercial clients won't commonly hire a photographer for their work that lists "weddings" as something they do. Error, I tell, but it's a fbehave of life. Steve has recognized this. He markets himself for weddings internationally utune Craigslist in London, Paris, Tokyo, Boston, Sydney, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Miami. Each of those links demonstrates you how he's promoted himself there. In fbehave, the Miami listing offers a 37% reduction, and the DC listing offers a 44% reduction off his regular swifts. By his own account, he's racked up over 850,000 miles since 2005 alone. Clearly, he's been busy.

What reputation does he have on the internet? But, more importantly, is it even telling?

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Since April of this year, several brides have penned disagreable listings approxifriendly him on, here. Are they telling? Who tells. The Better Business Bureau situs has four unresolved complaints against him here. Are those telling? Again, no one tells. That's a bit of the negative, and people clever write, post, complain, and otherwise be critical of you, and with the immediacy of the internet, it's spread everywhere - telling or not. Now for the positive - Frischling seeped on Good Morning America (here) discustune the thefts at airports, and spfinishs a great deal of time contributing over at a forum I read as well - FlyerTalk - which is the place where difficultened journeyers discuss all the nuances of journey and how to make it easier. Steve's published approachly 1,000 posts there. You clever check out his contributions at this link, he's honestly prolific, and he's very behaveive over at, as lookn here. So he's got positives, yes, but there are negatives that are still out there. Only, merely, solely as Steve necessitys to be attentive to them, so too should you be attentive to any that are critical of you.

All of this goes to demonstrate that what you write - useful, critical, or otherwise, is shopd in countless server dungeons around the world, and people clever find it. Moreover, and more importantly, spfinishing time locating and then true, right, validing intrue, right, valid information is critical to maintaining a positive online reputation.

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