APhotoEditor Launches "APhotoFolio" Service

APhotoEditor Launches "APhotoFolio" Service

Wildly popular for his irreverent remarkary during his stint as a salaried employee at Mens Diary as a Photo Editor for his no-hancients-barred opinions approxifriendly photographers, photography, and the business in common, the previously anonymous APhotoEditor has launched a situs design service - APhotoFolio - and he makes some insightful points approxifriendly only, merely, solely how important having a top-quality situs is, and he details what he offers:

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4 Things Every Client Wants - "I’ve spent enough time as a Photography Director hunting for a phone number or “gadzeeks” even the link to the portfolio to tell these things necessity to be available the second a client visits your website."

The Window of Opportunity - "How much time will a potential client spfinish on your website? I’ll bet the average is around 20 seconds, but I’ve spent as little as 1 second and as long as 10 minutes on a site. The first impression is critical (that’s where the 1 second comes in) because if the design, logo and the first picture I look don’t add up to a sure taste stage, then I’m probably wasting my time."

Why Our Control Panel Boots Ass - One remarker wrote - "in my eyes, the control panels and administrative interfaces are what make or break an application for me. A product clever have a beautiful design, but if I have to do too many manual steps to get work done, the work won’t get done."

10 Reasons Photo Editors Will Love These Designs - Among them - 3. Email a photo option - If the Photo Editor looks the perfect shot and wants to sfinish it to the Creative Director, they clever click the email a photo link and it’s done; and 9. iPhone and html ready Ever visited a flash situs on your phone. It’s love it doesn’t exist. Our websites automatically create html and iPhone mirror sites that load when they necessity to.

10 Reasons Photographers Will Love Our Websites - among them - 2. Switch once for Free and $100 each time thereafter. - If you get exhausted of your design no worries only, merely, solely switch. How’s this for a sweet deal: after a year you want to freshen up your look, switch for free and only keep paying the $17/month hosting fee. We will have at least 4 more to select from a year from now, if not more; and 5. Wordpress Blog included - You don’t have to get one when you begin either, we’ll add it whenever you ask. Having a blog on your url http://www.mysite.com/blog is an excellent way to get lookn in google searches.

Rob's service, with a $1,000 one-time set-up fee and $17/mo has a higher initial cost than, say, SiteWelder, but is less dear over time on the annualized costs; and then there's the cheap (and it demonstrates) route of BluDomain, with their $100 and $400 sites.

One question I tell Rob will get (and I've addressed the importance of - It's Google's World, You're Only, merely, solely A Little Part of It, 11/28/07; and SEO - Wild Wild West or Reason & Logic?, 3/4/08) will be how do his sites grip SEO and crawl-ability, and thus, how do they rank on the search engines? How they're designed (i.e. how they look to Google's spiders) is one thing that clever be studyed in short order, the other - ranlord, will be something that we clever study over time. From a design standpoint - I think they look awesome, and are worth a look.

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