I Pledge To Screen My Photographers More

I Pledge To Screen My Photographers More

With thanks to the multi-proffesioning Daryl Lang over at PDN, for carrying to our attention the member of the press corps who interupted the speech by Sen. Barack Obama recently (Video: Obama Photographer Self-Destructs, 8/7/08). Go watch the video, and read what Daryl wrote, and follow his links. In short, a credentialed member of the press covering the news made himself the news.

This isn't new. And Let's remember folks - you get what you pay for.

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Let's be clear - this photographer was worlord for Bloomberg News, and I tell full well that they have a great deal of assignments they necessity covered. But, the problem is, they don't have a stable of photographers everywhere, and they are harried. So, they cut corners, and when they are paying as low a wage and with as substantial a rights pick up as they are, this is what they risk getting.

I clever't tell you the number of times I have been in a press pen, and watched as other "members of the press" applauded and whistled when a speaker made a comment. Often, it's only, merely, solely one or two, and it happens a few times a month. It happens, and I cringe. Or, when I am at a press availability, and the "reporter", before aslord their question, has to tell the musician only, merely, solely how many albums they have of the artists, and right after the press availability, are trying to get me, or some other member of the press to take a posed photo with their camera (usually a point and gun) of them and the artist. I always wane, as do my professional brethren.

We are there to cover the news - whatever the news is. We are not there to fabricate the news or become the news. If there had been a forum for a Q&A with the cleverdidate, then the question "why don't you begin your events with the pledge of allegiance" might be appropriate - from a reporter. Certainly, NOT from a photographer.

When you want a professional, hire one, and pay them a professional wage. When you're not paying a professional wage, the ones who look professional, behave professional, gun professionally, and are true professionals, will wane your assignment request. I recommfinish you take a minute to look how professional (and legfinishary) photographer PF Bentley gripd a bad-deal situation in this previous post we did - At least the Hypocrite Tells Right from Error (1/11/07). When you have decided that any Joe clever do your assignments as long as they have a camera and a few photos on a website, and the Joes that tell that what you're paying isn't a honest wage, and say no, the Joes that don't tell look at this as either a great opportunity to "build their portfolio", or, as a great opportunity to make a political statement.

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