5 Tools to Keep Your Child Safe While Using the Net

It is essential to maintain the safety of your kids anywhere they go and whatever they do. And with the internet becoming a whole new venue for kids to interact with other people, engage in activities, and encounter unlimited information, threats have never been more rampant.

Therefore, keeping your kids safe while using the internet is as important as keeping them safe outside your home. Here are the effective tools that make sure you realize this:

1. Child-friendly online browsers.

Kids love the internet because of the new experience it gives. But this experience should be safe too. So to make sure that you satisfy both the new experience and safety, you have to have a child-friendly web browser. This ensures that your kids stay on educational, fun, and relevant websites suited for their age. This prevents them from entering non-approved sites that may have unsuitable contents. 

2. Search engines.

Most search engines have customizable search options or advance search options where the user can change the security settings that influence the search results. This feature blocks most of the adult sites. The good thing about filtering search engines is that it is free. However, this feature can easily be disabled by your kids. They can also use another search engines to look for their desired sites or just type the URL of the site they want to visit. 

3. Internet filtering software

Many internet filtering softwares can block bad websites and webpages with undesirable contents. Take note that not all filtering softwares are the same. There are those that only block pre-determined words or websites that are included in the system database of the software manufacturer. Other internet filtering software can only allow sites that are approved by parents. The bottom line is, if you are going to select an internet filtering software, choose one that fits your needs. 

4. Monitoring software

Monitoring software focuses on reporting to you the activities of your kids through email. The software will provide you the details about your kids' visited websites, sent and received email, online conversation, opened and closed applications, and opened and printed files. 

5. Internet filtering from ISP

ISPs with internet filtering system are becoming more and more convenient for parents since they don't need regular updates. The IPS will automatically update the system plus it further enhances the security of your kids from bad sites. 

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